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Kuche Underhill Contemporary Eco Kitchens, Folly/ Grand Designs Channel 4/ Helen Seymour Smith  
RAL 9010
(Soft touch)
Kuche Underhill (Passivehouse)  
F&B Pigeon
(Soft touch)
Kuche Underhill (Passivehouse)
Grey Oak/ Crown
(Dead Matt)
Kuche Underhill (Passivehouse)

Egger Mocha

Kuche Underhill (Passivehouse)

Kuche Underhill (Passivehouse)
Designer K&B

Kuche Underhill (Passivehouse)
Grand Designs

Kuche Underhill (Passivehouse)

04 Projects

Underhill (Grand Designs)

Client: Mrs Helen Smith
Architect: Seymour Smith Associates
Scope: Design/ Manufacture/ Installation
Completion: June 2010
Finish: Lacquered & Oak Veneer
Worktop: Durat (Recycled)
Appliances: AEG

The first Certified Passivhaus in the United Kingdom
Episode "Stealth House" as be seen on C4's "Grand Designs" 22.09.10

KUCHE was chosen to work with Seymour-Smith Architects to design and deliver a contemporary kitchen space for the first certified Passivhaus in England. Aesthetically, the design of the house and interior is very bold and with the structure being dug into the hill, it creates minimal visual, as well as an environmental impact on the landscape.

The interior and kitchen design is outstanding and reflects the overall vision of the project. The kitchen comprises of 12m run of units with hob & sinks and a 3m island incorporating a unique drop down breakfast bar. The colour scheme KUCHE recommended uses white, grey and oak, which compliments the industrial feel of the space.

Throughout the process, KUCHE has strived to deliver a product that is beautiful and through the use of unique materials and finishes adheres to the strict environmental principles that benchmark the Passivhaus project Including recyclable materials and manufacturing methods endorsed by the FSC and Woodland Heritage. We have also worked with our partners to develop performance finishes with low VOC's

KUCHE are proud to be involved with this landmark building. We have taken the experience on this project to reinforce our ongoing commitment to create products that are both beautiful and sustainable.


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